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Man arrested after charging at Romney’s SUV – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

Man arrested after charging at Romney’s SUV


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CNN Political Unit



(CNN) – The Secret Service said an unidentified man was arrested Thursday at the White House after running at the vehicle carrying former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to a lunch there.

The man reached into Romney’s open vehicle window as the SUV stopped at a White House gate. He was yelling the candidate’s name when he was hauled away, apparently by a security officer.
“This afternoon an individual interfered with a motorcade,” the Secret Service said in a statement. “He became combative with uniformed Secret Service agents, and was arrested for assault of a police officer and unlawful entrance.”

The individual did not appear to physically contact Romney.

Romney was visiting the White House for a lunch with President Barack Obama. The White House said in a statement the “focus of their discussion was on America’s leadership in the world and the importance of maintaining that leadership position in the future.”

 Man arrested after charging at Romney’s SUV – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs.


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Cagle Post » Candidates’ Signature Moment



Candidates’ Signature Moment


Michelle Dresbold knows more about the presidential candidates than most people.

A handwriting expert — she was among 19 Americans to be accepted into the U.S. Secret Service Advanced Document Training Program — Dresbold has helped resolve some of America’s highest-profile crimes, as told in her book “Sex, Lies, and Handwriting” (

I asked her to analyze the signatures of President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

What can a handwriting expert tell us about the signatures of Barak Obama (top) and Mitt Romney (bottom)?

“Obama’s overly large signature shows he likes attention and is a bit of an egotist, which is common among public figures,” she said. “He does something unusual with the ‘O’ and ‘b’ in his last name.”

Whether Obama does it consciously or subconsciously, by intersecting his “O” and his “b,” he forms the Greek letter “phi.”

“Since ancient times, this symbol has represented the golden ratio, the ideal proportion. Obama is determined that things be balanced.”

With the exception of the federal budget.

Dresbold shared another interesting observation: The style Obama uses for his signature is entirely different from his other handwriting.

“Whereas the rest of his handwriting is simple and direct, his signature is very flowery and hard to read. His signature reveals him to be a showman in public, but also shows him to be someone who conceals what he is really thinking.”

Obama may be good at concealing what he is really thinking, but not nearly as good at that as his pals in the media are.

“Obama’s regular handwriting also shows him to be very strategic and pragmatic — a tough cookie. He rules his life by what he thinks and believes, not by emotion.”

Which is interesting. Many people think Romney is more pragmatic and aloof than Obama, but Romney’s handwriting shows that he is driven by his feelings and desires.

“Romney’s signature leans heavily to the right. This reveals a person who is more emotional and works more out of passion and from the heart.”

Though Romney is also very analytical.

“His ‘M’ is very pointed and angular. This suggests he is very analytical and likes to investigate and analyze to know the answers. Angular people can be very tough, too.”

And he’s goal-oriented.

“His ‘t’s’ are flying off the stems. This shows that he is always looking for that high, unattainable goal.”

Such as not only becoming president of the United States but fixing the mess we are in?


“In his signature, he makes a cross between his ‘t’ and his ‘R.’ This means religion and the meaning of life are very important to him. His squashed ‘e’ suggests he doesn’t always listen to others.”

That is interesting. Romney is perceived to be a good listener, but his handwriting suggests he is not. Dresbold told me Obama’s handwriting suggests he is a good listener, but his policies, which remain left of center despite the 2010 elections, show that he is not.

Like Obama’s signature, Romney’s shows he likes to conceal what he is thinking.

“The way his ‘e’ and ‘y’ run together shows that he likes to skip over things and be ambiguous. He likes to give himself some wiggle room, so he doesn’t make things as clear as they could be.”

Such as his plan to rein in runaway spending, fix the deficit and grow the economy in a manner that placates both the left and right in our highly divided country?

I’m not running for president and even I am wise enough to keep such thoughts to myself.

Unlike Obama, whose handwriting shows that he excels at language and communication, Romney’s handwriting shows he is much better at math.

Though that doesn’t appear to be a skill used much in Washington anymore.

In any event, the handwriting of both fellows reveals them to be interesting, intelligent people. Maybe handwriting analysis isn’t the best way to judge a candidate.

But it reveals one thing worth noting: Of the two candidates, Romney is more hopeful than Obama.

“Before Obama was president, his handwriting traveled sharply uphill,” says Dresbold. “This means he was upbeat and optimistic. Now, however, his signature has flattened. His optimism is not so great as it once was.”

 Cagle Post » Candidates’ Signature Moment.


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Free Wood Post – Clinton Appointed to Secret Service Chaperone Position

Clinton Appointed to Secret Service Chaperone Position

May 11, 2012

By Orbson Rice


States Secret Service. In reaction to the recent controversy involving alcohol, strippers and prostitutes in Colombia, the Secret Service has instituted new “rules of conduct” for its agents. One of the measures involves the appointment of a “chaperone” to monitor agents’ actions and enforce the new higher standards. Within hours of the announcement, President Clinton made a formal request to fill the position. According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “The former President was adamant that he would be able to provide the proper oversight for the after-hours activities of Secret Service agents and President Obama agreed.” On Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton was appointed to the position of Chaperone of the United

After examining the old version of “The Secret Service Rules of Conduct”, it is unclear whether the ”new rules” were needed or just a reaction to the controversy. In the section labeled “Engaging prostitutes while visiting foreign countries”, the rules clearly stated:

1. Agents may entertain no more than five prostitutes per room, per evening.

2. If agents are garbed in outfits including but not limited to sexy kitten costumes, French maid outfits or latex body suits, they should refrain from leaving their hotel rooms.

3. Agents should refrain from creating a scene with prostitute(s) due to unrequited articulations of love or refusal to pay for services rendered.

Had the agents followed the previously established protocol there likely would not have been a scandal in Colombia. Still, according to Clinton the inclusion of a chaperone will create an aura of respectability. “The agents can still have a good time, but they’ll do it in a more discreet and professional way. I understand blowing off some steam, but they need to be believable when they deny it later.” The first test of the new regime will occur this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand where the former President is already getting comfortable in his new position by thoroughly vetting potential escorts.

 Free Wood Post.

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Gingrich calls ‘May Day’ on his campaign – PostPartisan – The Washington Post

Post Partisan


Gingrich calls ‘May Day’ on his campaign


By Jonathan Capehart


After last night’s electoral thumping in five states, Newt Gingrich has finally gotten the message. His presidential campaign is over. He should have never have been considered a serious contender for the highest office in the land because of his twisted thinking, penchant for bombast and know-it-all condescension. Jonathan Bernstein sums up my feelings on the whole affair, “Good riddance.”

Yet the thing that makes me happiest about the disappearance of Gingrich campaign is the disappearance of his Secret Service detail. Tuesday night’s results made it clearer than ever that it made no sensefor him to have such protection. Unfortunately, the daily $44,000 tab doesn’t end until he makes it official. That won’t be until May 1. Did he pick that date to give a nod to May Day — or mayday?

Whatever the reason, until May 1, Gingrich will waste another $308,000 in taxpayer money. He can’t get out of this race fast enough.

 Gingrich calls ‘May Day’ on his campaign – PostPartisan – The Washington Post.

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Borowitz Report – Shortchanging by Secret Service Draws Strong Rebuke

Hookers Downgrade US Credit Rating

Shortchanging by Secret Service Draws Strong Rebuke



NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Days after Secret Service agents shortchanged a group of prostitutes in Colombia, the international trade group representing hookers downgraded the United States’ credit rating from AAA to B.

The strong rebuke from the International Alliance of Professional Escorts came after a Secret Service agent reportedly paid one of its members $30 for an $800 service, or only 4% of the stated price.

The statement from the International Alliance of Professional Escorts said that in downgrading the United States’ credit rating it was sending a clear message that its “members should be aware that doing business with the government of the United States carries with it a significant risk.”

“We are urging our members to avoid conducting transactions with the United States and to focus on more reliable customers, like the International Monetary Fund,” the statement added.

Just hours after the announcement from the escorts’ group, the U.S. Congress passed the following resolution blasting the Secret Service for its actions: “We strongly denounce the Secret Service for consorting with prostitutes, which has traditionally been Congress’s role.”

But it was not all bad news this week for the Secret Service, which today reported a 5000% jump in enlistment.

The agency said that enlistment offices across the country have been packed with prospective agents, including House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who abruptly dropped out of the Presidential race to join.

 Borowitz Report.

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