Why Most Republicans Do Not Seem To Know They Are Getting Their Butts Kicked | All Things Democrat

Why Most Republicans Do Not Seem To Know They Are Getting Their Butts Kicked

Sunday, October 6th, 2013  by Ken


During the 2012 presidential campaign one of the greatest sources of amusement for us lefties was to point and laugh at various conservatives as they confidently predicted a landslide win for Mitt Romney.

Expecting Republicans to simply give up and admit defeat prior to the election may have been unrealistic, but Republicans took the expectations game to a whole ‘nutha level. They “unskewed” polls to show Romney with a lead. They witnessed the gathering masses and took the growing crowds packing Romney events to mean that they were going to win. They read the tealeaves. They looked at historical precedents. They simply could not understand how the nation would ever re-elect Barack Obama after such a disastrous 1st term. Their best political minds took everything into consideration, discounted what was not right wing propaganda, and pronounced that Romney was going to win in a laugher. Even George Will, the supposed conservative brainiac wunderkind predicted a Romney landslide just prior to the election, even as every legitimate indicator predicted the correct outcome.

Quite simply Republicans were not willing to accept the reality beyond their own misleading echo chamber.

Mitt Romney and most Republicans were just shocked by the outcome of the election. The election night coverage on Fox was highlighted by the on-air meltdown of Karl Rove when his network declared Obama had won Ohio and thus re-election. When the right wing echo chamber was forced to deal with cold hard reality, it did not go well for them.

Fast forward nearly a year to the current budget crisis and it would seem that Republicans (with a few notable exceptions) have not learned anything. Conservatives from Rush Limbaugh to Fox News are using their echo chamber to trumpet the government shutdown as a Republican triumph, and a Democratic boondoggle. Republicans have convinced themselves that they are winning the messaging war by hanging out at the WWII memorial (which they have voted to close btw) and passing short term funding measures for various hot button issues. When presented with evidence that the American people do not agree with them on the shutdown, they bring out echo chamber tested talking points about it being Reid’s or Obama’s fault.

They are getting trounced and they are convinced that they are winning. The latest polling shows the Republicans would have trouble holding the house if a general election were held today. The prospects for Republicans against generic Democrats in the poll are even worse when it is disclosed that the Republican in question voted to shut down the government.

On the same day this poll was released Republicans fanned out on the Sunday talk shows promising to dig in their heels by throwing in the promise to default on the debt in addition to shutting down the government. Because this has been such a winning strategy for them after all.

The truth is the right wing echo chamber is powered by falsehood and self-aggrandizing fear mongers. It is an enterprise for the enrichment of the right wing elite. Promoting a winning political agenda is not the primary concern of the right wing echo chamber charlatans. Their primary mission in life is to enrich themselves with empty promises to change the basic nature of the American system or to fight against this or that outrage… if you will only donate $25 to the cause, or support their gold hustling advertisers.

I used to be convinced that Fox News and the rabid haters on talk radio were going to cause the downfall of the Republic. Now I am convinced that the right wing echo chamber will only cause the downfall of the Republican party.

 Why Most Republicans Do Not Seem To Know They Are Getting Their Butts Kicked | All Things Democrat.


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