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Catholics and Contraception

Posted on May 22, 2012  




Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, has come out with both barrels firing against some sections of President Obama’s healthcare initiative, most notably the parts concerning sterilization and contraception.

Long recognized as a master of media relations, Cardinal Dolan has teamed with other American Bishops and Catholic organizations to sue the Federal government over the requirements that compel Catholic business institutions to provide insurance coverage for women who want to avoid pregnancy.  Now, I might not have much of a problem with this but for the fact that there has been no outcry concerning the coverage provided for men and their use of Viagra, and other erection producing drugs.  Talk about a double standard.  I guess men can run around planting their seed at will, but god forbid a woman wants to avoid pregnancy in the process.

Considering the problems the Catholic Church in America has encountered over the past few decades, from the looting of Church funds by parish priests to the pedophilia scandals, you would think Dolan would want to clean his own house before he goes snooping around in someones elses.  But not the Catholic Church.  They feel passing moral judgements are their god given right.  Dolan himself has come out and said celibacy is the only option for a priest, despite the fact it is unnatural and probably unhealthy.

He also made some comments about the Iraq War and capital punishment that I find troubling.  After then President Bush gave a speech at Notre Dame, Dolan said the following:

“Where President Bush would have taken positions on these two hot button issues that I’d be uncomfortable with, namely the war and capital punishment, I would have to give him the benefit of the doubt to say that those two issues are open to some discussions and are not intrinsically evil . . . in the Catholic mindset, that would not apply to abortion.”

Okay, let me get this straight, to go to war and kill people, or to electrocute a person via the death penalty, is open to debate, but god forbid you stop a pregnancy with the morning after pill?  Where are your priorities, my good Cardinal?  With the recent spate of innocent men turning up on death row, and even one man being executed wrongly in Texas – of course Texas, where capital punishment is viewed as sport – you would think a good Catholic like Dolan would fight against such things, instead of giving it his tacit approval.  And it doesn’t bother him that America has jumped into wars four times in the last fifty years?  That is simply appalling.

But back to the contraception issue.  Dolan has no problem telling a woman what to do with her body, all while letting Catholic institutions carry insurance so men can run around with hard-ons?  This is not surprising, in that the Catholic Church is run by a group of conservative, old-fashioned men who would rather die than let women into the fold.  It is nothing more than an old boys club, and we all know who needs Viagra the most.  I’m starting to think that it was the Catholic clergy who first desired to keep women “barefoot and pregnant.”

The Catholic Church needs to clean house, and if it wants to play in politics, it should lose its tax exempt status.  Let it pay its fair share; they have had no trouble paying the Court induced judgements against their pedophile priests.  It is only right, and of course the Catholic Church stands for what is right.

 Catholics and Contraception | breezespeaks.

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