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Beaten Down and Out

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I am so tired.

I am tired of the political division in this country.  Neither side seems willing to work with the other.  The vitriol to be found on assorted websites turns my stomach.  To disagree is one thing, but the constant name calling employed by both sides is childish, and that is putting it mildly.  I made a comment on one site about how we can’t try the 9/11 conspirators in a criminal court because Bush and Cheney employed torture as an interrogation technique.  Our courts would not allow information gathered via torture to be used in a prosecution.  So we are forced to treat these cowards as soldiers and try them in a military court, exactly what they want.  You would think I was badmouthing Mother Theresa from the replies my comment received.  I was called a left-leaning communist, and an anti-American bleeding heart liberal (and those were some of the nicer comments.)  Yet no one argued against my point, they simply attacked me.  One person wrote that water boarding was declared not torture, just enhanced interrogation.  Simple semantics, I wrote back.  He did not reply.

I am tired of rudeness.  Behind the wheel, in stores and just about anywhere you encounter people, you will encounter rudeness.  People simply don’t care.  And being 6’4″ and 350 pounds, you’d figure I might be immune from such behavior, but think again.  I’ve had folks hit me with their carts in stores and not even say excuse me.  I’ve gotten dirty looks when I’ve asked people to move their cart so I could pass.  Why do they think it is okay to stop in the middle of an aisle?  And I practice what I preach.  I move my cart out of the way if I need to stop, and I excuse myself if I bump into someone.  I also help folks get stuff they can’t reach – so many people lament the fact they aren’t taller – and I regularly let folks with a few items get ahead of me and my full cart at the register (one store manager even complimented me for doing so.)  I also helped a lady lift a big bag of dog food into her cart that she couldn’t lift.  It’s the little things.

I am tired of the bullies of the world, and Donald Trump comes quickly to mind, doing so well.  Do you really need a mean streak to succeed in business?  I used to work for a guy who celebrated how vicious he was when doing business.  He used to call it hammer time.  He would regularly run up $10,000 bills with printers and mail houses, then call them and offer to pay $.60 on the dollar to settle the bill.  Most would accept, instead of going to small claims court and facing the new problems that entails.  And he grew richer.

Where is karma when you need it.

I am tired of criticism, both on this blog and in my personal life.  My family and I faced some tough times when the Great Recession hit, and it has taken us years to recover.  We applied for energy assistance that first year and qualified for the largest allotment, $890.00.  In other words, about two tanks of oil.  We were told we qualified for food stamps and the toys-for-tots programs, but turned them both down.  We also never applied for welfare, section 8 or any other kind of help.  I did receive unemployment, but after 25 straight years of working, I earned that (and it wasn’t my fault the economy tanked.)  Anyone who thinks we are living off the hard work of others is mistaken.

I am a stay at home dad because we did not have kids to put them in daycare.  We choose to do without some of life’s luxuries so we can raise our kids as we see fit, not as society dictates.  I am not sitting at home watching Judge Judy, as some have inferred.  I am busy cooking meals, doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning, cutting the lawn – I don’t believe in raking leaves, but I will mulch them with the lawnmower – shopping for groceries and all the other stuff being a dad entails.

As to my political bent, I have always been a liberal, and changed my affiliation to Independent nearly ten years ago.  And while I do identify more with the Democrats than the Republicans, both parties are screwed up, just one more so than the other.  What I write on this blog is simply my opinion, but make no mistake, I care deeply about the subjects I cover.  If I didn’t feel strongly about it, why would I bother writing in the first place.  This is not an exercise in narcissism.

If you truly don’t like or agree with what I write, stop reading my blog and start your own.

As you can tell, I am tired.  It is the kind of tired that doesn’t go away when you close your eyes at night, and if you can sleep, it is still there when you get up in the morning.  I have stopped watching the news because, well, it’s just too hard to watch.  Even the newspapers are getting to me, and I used to read three a day (back when I could afford to.)

The world is turning into a very ugly place, and I don’t like it.

 breezespeaks | The Awful Truth.

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