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A Liberals Lament

Posted on January 9, 2012 



Conservative:  adjective.  Inclined to keep things as they are or were in the past; opposed to change, especially any change in traditions.

Liberal:  adjective.  1)  Generous; having or giving freely.  2)  Tolerant; not narrow in one’s ideas or views; broad-minded.

Boy, it’s tough to be a liberal nowadays.

As a walking, talking liberal – go on conservatives, take your best shot – I get abused often.  At least that’s the way I see it.  I have been accused of twisting the facts to suit my needs, name-calling, slander and sheer stupidity.  I have been lectured, patronized and dismissed.  I have been called a socialist, communist and jackass.  And my rhetoric has caused one reader, a friend, or so I thought – to cancel her subscription to my blog.  (Of this I am proudest.  Not only was she very religious, she thought George Walker Bush was a great president.)

And why is it that conservatives want to combine religion and politics.  I always thought religion came under that freedom of choice thing.  I guess you’re free to choose as long as you choose Christianity.  God forbid, excuse the pun, you pick Islam.  Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

Why is it that conservatives think they have the upper hand morally?  They preach and pontificate regularly, and condemn those who don’t adhere to their principles.  Yet they are the first to categorize the poor as lazy and shiftless, and the first to try to pull the rug out from under their existence.  They want to outlaw abortion, yet claim you shouldn’t have children if you can’t afford them.  Do they not see the contradiction in such a stance?

I ask you this: Of the two definitions at the top of this piece, which one do you want associated with yourself?

Liberals are often accused of outright lies, never mind distortion.  According to conservatives we make up the facts as we go, and if we cite statistics to back up our claims, the source of those statistics comes into question.  Yet these same conservatives take their lead from Fox News, one of the most biased news sources in existence (along with MSNBC.)  With conservatives, contradictions abound.

Growing up, my friends and I were a wild bunch, and not much we did was politically correct.  Yet most of my friends are now conservatives.  This is yet another contradiction.  And my friends are working class folk; none of them are imminently wealthy.  Still, they vote Republican.  Go figure.

I understand what their main complaint is.  They don’t like the entitlement programs, and the Republican party has set themselves up as the keeper of this faith.  (Brilliantly, I might add.)  People who work don’t want others sitting home collecting checks from the government.  It’s not fair, they say.  Why should I have to slave for forty hours or more a week when Joe Blow gets to sit home and watch television?  But in shutting down all entitlement programs, as they have succeeded in calling them, they are hurting folks who actually need help through no fault of their own.  When the recession hit a lot of people, myself included, lost their jobs.  Instantly, just heating their homes and buying food became difficult.  This is one reason why government expenditures went through the roof.  People didn’t get lazy overnight, but that is the way they lost their jobs.  I thought government was supposed to help its people in times of crisis.  Isn’t that one reason we pay taxes?  I guess not.  Otherwise, helping the people who were effected by Hurricane Irene would not have been tied to corresponding cuts in other programs by conservatives like Boehner and Cantor.  Where is the compassion, especially from these so-called Christians?

Conservatives are also worried that people, lazy people, are abusing the system.  That they are stealing from the taxpayers.  But where was this concern during the banking crisis?  Corporate welfare – which is what the TARP program was – is okay, but personal welfare is an affront?  Another contradiction.  When will it end?

Conservatives have fed a line of crap to the working class.  They are not for the workers, they are for the business owners.  It is why they are against the new Consumer Protection Bureau.  It is why they are against unions (and if we keep emasculating unions most laborers will soon be working for minimum wage.)  It is why they will not raise taxes on the rich for any reason.  It is why they have shipped millions of jobs overseas.  It is why companies like General Electric and Exxon-Mobil pay next to nothing in taxes while making billions.  And it is why the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people too in the Citizens United case.

No system is perfect.  Abuse will happen no matter what.  But isn’t it better if the abuse comes at a personal level, as opposed to the corporate level?  When one parent uses his or her children to scam the system, isn’t it easier to handle than when Goldman Sachs scams billions?  Yet conservatives want to eliminate entitlements while easing banking regulations even further.  Didn’t we learn anything from the crash of 2008?

All progress requires change, yet conservatives are, by definition and action, opposed to change.  How are we supposed to move forward?  Without change women would still not be able to vote, slavery would exist and we would be a colony of England.  And I won’t even get into evolution and creationism.  But one last question, how many of you believe the earth is only six thousand years old?

When will it all end?

 A Liberals Lament | breezespeaks.

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